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How much does it cost to do a wedding in Marrakech ?

Getting married in Marrakech is becoming increasingly popular due to its exotic and luxurious environment, and if you‘re considering this for your special day, you‘re probably wondering what is the cost of a wedding in Marrakech.

The cost of a wedding in Marrakech can vary greatly depending on the couples budget and preferences. Generally speaking, a minimum budget of around 15,000 to 20,000 EUR is recommended for a wedding in Marrakech. An average of 35,000 EUR is what I most see to accomplish end to end clients vision.

So why talk about cost in more details here ? Well, I know it can be pretty tedious to gather informations about how much a wedding in marrakech can cost. Of course it will highly depends on your needs and quality trade off but there is some basics to understand and I can try to give you a general approach on this to help you better anticipate what it will cost you.

How much for a Wedding Venue in Marrakech ?

Let’s start by the biggest part of your budget (most of the time), the marrakech wedding venue! I’ll give you a simple breakdown but keep in mind that most venues required a minimum stays of 3 nights :

Riads Weddings : around 3,000 EUR (for 3 nights and 10 people sleeping)

  • Pros : Very intimate and the most affordable solution with a lot of cachet !
  • Cons : Tiny with a max of 20-30 people for the celebration, also decors can be limited depending on the venue.

Villas Weddings : around 7,500 EUR (for 3 nights and 35 people sleeping)

  • Pros : Lots of nice choices! Very easy to customized and add many decorations layers with the extra budget. The most important here is always the outdoor and garden!
  • Cons : There is none, you get what you pay for!

Desert Weddings : around 15,000 EUR (for 3 nights and 10 people sleeping)

  • Pros : Gorgeous and unique settings for a memorable souvenir !
  • Cons : A bit far and not so cheap! So if you were planning for activities in the center that would not be possible!

Hotels Weddings : around 30,000 EUR (for 3 nights and 50 people sleeping)

  • Pros : Beautiful places designed for your special day, the waouh effect is guaranteed !
  • Cons : Pricey, most of those venues will require that you let them manage food and alcohol on top (at a very premium price).

Palaces Weddings : around 75,000 EUR (for 3 nights and 50 people sleeping)

  • Pros : Outstanding wedding venues, your wedding will truly be a living dream for you and your guests!
  • Cons : Expensive, on top of managing everything at a premium price for you, they will also apply a fee per person if you need any external vendors.

How much for a Wedding Caterer in Marrakech ?

International caterer or traditional moroccans ? Most of your demands will be covered by the next two categories :

  • Traditional Moroccan dishes for weddings : around 60 EUR per person (3 meals, desserts and soft drinks included) 
  • International dishes for weddings : around 80 EUR per person (3 meals, desserts and soft drinks included)

How much for a Wedding Photographer in Marrakech ?

No one needs to challenge the importance of capturing your wedding moments. The best setting to get it done is most of the time to hire 2 wedding photographer in Marrakech for getting different shots and have a mix between photo and video. This will cost you around 2,000 EUR for a full day with two professionals with both photography and videography.

If you are very picky and wants the best I have also some photography artists for special shooting that can be hired for up to 3,000 EUR a day.

Tips for choosing the right photographer/videographer : Always look at what they have done in the past!

How much for a Wedding Florist in Marrakech ?

This one is the most difficult to answer as a wedding is always special and unique depending on your taste. But I will try anyway to give you what I can see in average :

Flowers Arch : 800 EUR (one unit)
Flowers Bouquet : 65 EUR  (one unit)
Flowers Table Center : 60 EUR
  (one unit)
Flowers Ceremony Allee :
80 EUR  (one unit)

To give you an idea, average spending for wedding flowers in Marrakech is around 4,500 EUR.

How much for a Wedding Entertainement in Marrakech ?

Entertainment choices always affect the wedding atmosphere! Here is the average costs for hiring entertainment in Marrakech. Again, this is an example with a “normal” quality, prices will depend on how famous the artist will be.

Wedding DJ : 600 EUR (from 6PM to 4 AM)
Traditional live band (Dakka Marrakchia) : 500 EUR
Little Wedding Sound System : 1,500 EUR (for 65-100 people)
Big Wedding Sound System : 3,000 EUR (for 200 people)

Want to know more ?

That’s it for the principal ! There is many more to discuss to have a complete budget (negafa, decorations, alcohol, lights…). Keep in mind that if you want the best prices, it is very important to hire a local wedding planner who can talk the native language to negotiate for you and to make your vision understood by all vendors !

If you want to know more and have a personnalized budget depending on your needs, don’t hesitate to book a free call with me directly here !

Hoping to see you soon in beautiful Marrakech to plan your dream wedding in Marrakech !

🌸 Hi! I'm Amelie 🌸, your passionate wedding planner based in the enchanting city of Marrakech. With a heart full of love and a mind buzzing with creative ideas, I am dedicated to turning your wedding dreams into reality.